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We change how clinicians think about philanthropy, and the way they partner with you.

We help you increase your financial results by building an expanded grateful patient philanthropy program focused on clinician engagement. We show clinicians how to partner with you to identify patients that are grateful, to introduce those patients to development officers, and to become involved in the philanthropic process in a comfortable way. Our goals through this program are:

To build an ever-growing grateful patient program that identifies, recruits, and trains 10 clinician champions for each major gift officer on your team;

To create a robust pipeline of prospects by operationalizing a process where each clinician champion identifies and introduces to your major gift officer four grateful patients or families with identified wealth capacity each month;

To accelerate the productivity of your gift officers by identifying 40 new prospects each month for each major gift officer, and converting 30 percent or more of the identified prospects into qualification visits, therefore, adding 12 or more visits to your gift officer’s existing average number of visits;

Gobel believes one of the biggest challenges in healthcare is educating and engaging clinicians to be active partners in the philanthropic process. After implementing clinician engagement in philanthropy programs at hospitals and health systems around the world, we understand what it takes to solve this challenge and build a best-in-class grateful patient philanthropy program. Our Grateful Patient with Clinician Engagement Program includes five phases of work and results in a comprehensive, measurable, and growth oriented operation.


Through offsite and onsite surveys, analysis and other work we will evaluate the programmatic and database requirements for executing an enhanced and successful grateful patient philanthropy program with strong clinician engagement. The information from the Assessment will be used to create a customized plan providing a roadmap for growth. The assessment includes: identification of roadblocks to establishing a stronger grateful patient program, diagnostic analysis of the donor database, and identification of potential key performance indicators, all presented in a strategic plan that provides a roadmap for growth.

Program and Database Setup

We will partner with you to setup a Clinician Engagement System, including the identification of prospective Clinician Champions, review and development of funding priorities, meetings with institutional leadership, boards, and other key stakeholders, deployment of our grateful patient referral app, wealth screening analysis and recommendations, review and revision of moves management policies and procedures, build-out of automated reporting and dashboards, and training for team members on maximizing their activity and productivity.

Program Roll Out

We can lead you through the Roll Out of your Clinician Engagement System. The Program Roll Out will include: development of customized onsite training program for your physicians, nurses, administrators and board members, customization of a Reference Guide leave-behind for your physicians, nurses, administrators and board members, conduct clinician education sessions, and participation in 1:1 meetings with each clinician champion to operationalize the process for their engagement.

Gobel is the only firm to offer a Nurse’s Role in Philanthropy training program that is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Nurses Credentialing Center for 1.0 contact hours of continuing education credit.  This accredited training can be provided in-person or via an online course module.  Participant feedback has included:

  • “Helen is a dynamic speaker and made the content relevant.”
  • “Never realized how much patients and families want to recognize the love and care of nursing staff.”
  • “The entire process was new. Now utilizing the information given will be important.”


Program Acceleration (Growing Activity)

Through regular review of gift officer portfolios and activity, we will provide gift officer coaching and mentoring that will help you Accelerate your Grateful Patient with Clinician Engagement Program. Our goal is for each gift officer to work with ten clinician champions, to receive twenty or more referrals each month, and to add 4 or more visits per month to their work.

Program Management (Growing Results)

Through regular phone calls and analysis we will help you manage your Grateful Patient with Clinician Engagement Program for Growth. We work with each client, to create a dashboard that tracks the success of your Clinician Engagement and Grateful Patient Program results. Through regular analysis of your dashboard we will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your program and provide recommended strategies to address any weaknesses.

Clinician Engagement Visibility Campaign

As your program builds momentum with more engaged clinicians, referrals, visits, asks and gifts closed, it’s important to not slow down by enhancing the visibility of your Grateful Patient with Clinician Engagement Program. We can develop and produce video vignettes, and support your efforts to create video brochures, physician referral cards, buttons, posters, and other tools. The short term benefits of the campaign can include more patients overtly expressing an interest to help, and more clinicians feeling comfortable partnering with you. The long term benefits can be the development of a sustainable grateful patient and clinician engagement program which leads to an enhanced culture of gratitude.

Gratitude App

Finally, clinician referrals of grateful patients made EASY! The Gratitude App assists in operationalizing the process of engaging physicians and medical staff in referring grateful patients. Once installed, it is as simple as typing the name of a patient who exhibits extraordinary gratitude into the app’s text box and clicking submit. Instantly, your referral will be sent to the philanthropy office.

mail_image_previewThe benefits to using the App include the ability for physicians, nurses, volunteers, and leadership to easily and quickly refer the names of individuals whom they believe have the interest and/or capacity to make a gift to support your program. While it’s most often used by physicians to refer grateful patients, volunteers and senior administrative leaders have utilized the App to refer names of community “friends” who may have interest in your organization’s work.

  • Easy and Immediate way for medical staff to capture and share names of grateful patients with the philanthropy office
  • Smart technology that sends information to multiple people at the same time
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Safeguards information through a secure delivery system
  • Hosted on a powerful platform that allows the philanthropy office to easily add, delete, and edit users and track program success
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, as well as most tablets and other mobile devices

Watch this video to hear how clinicians are utilizing the Gratitude App:

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"The Gobel team’s expertise has made it possible for us to move ahead with key initiatives and see real progress in fine tuning our program. With their help, our new strategic plan has the potential to double our revenue in the next 5-7 years."
Julie Cox, Lifebridge Health
"The Gobel Group has been a valuable asset to our Foundation. They have worked with us in developing a strategic plan that coalesced support among our many constituencies and deploys a comprehensive plan to grow our results. We now have a growing number of physicians engaged in our fundraising efforts, which portends for a bright philanthropic future at Saint John’s. Our work with Chad and his team has delivered a structured approach with new tools to identify, cultivate and solicit gifts."
Robert O. Klein, Saint John's Health Center
"Before we implemented Gobel’s Physician Engagement in Philanthropy Program, we were receiving gifts from patients, but we didn’t have a systematic approach to create sustainable and ever-growing results. Since we’ve put Gobel’s program in place, we’ve built strong prospect portfolios for our gift officers, engaged more physicians, and are closing more gifts and raising more money. It works!"
Ralph Alee, Georgia Regents University
"GWU has always had a strong alumni-based fundraising program, but we knew we could do much better with our patient population. We had a great team of professionals, but we needed a better system to produce better results. The Gobel Group came highly recommended from colleagues in the profession, and we have not been disappointed. Their system has created meaningful relationships with our doctors, who are now referring more patients than ever before. They are a pleasure to work with."
Dennis Narango, George Washington Hospital
"Hiring the Gobel Group to support our campaign made a significant and immediate impact on our results. We will finish the campaign successfully ahead of schedule. To support our efforts, Gobel utilized their team of experts to provide exactly the counsel we needed at the right time. In fact, we were so pleased with their work, we have extended our engagement for another year to include the development and implementation of their Physician Engagement in Philanthropy Program."
Ellen Finnerty Myers, Carroll Hospital
"The Gobel team quickly became and continues to be a part of the Abington family. They are incredibly responsive, and always can be counted on to produce high quality work. I could not have asked for a more professional, high integrity, creative or hard-working group."
Jill Kyle, Abington Health
"I’ve never been a big fan of consultants, but I am happy to share that our experience with the Gobel Group has been first-rate. They bring a systematic approach with the practical knowledge, along with the energy and positive attitude, to get results. And in just a short period of time, we are getting the results. I would recommend Gobel to any hospital that wants to educate and engage their clinicians to build a strong philanthropy based grateful patient program."
Andrew J. Mitchell, President & CEO Peconic Bay Medical Center

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