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Scott Rosenkrans is a Principal Consultant and Director of Data Analytics at Futurus Group. We recently conducted an interview with him regarding his background and experience.

  • What did you do before joining Gobel Group?
    My whole career has been in fundraising, primarily in fundraising analytics and capital campaigns. I’d gotten my master’s in counseling psychology at Loyola University, and after I graduated, I tried counseling for about a year before I realized I just wasn’t cut out for it – it was very emotionally draining, and I wanted to find something else. In grad school, I’d really liked doing research and psychology studies, I loved working with numbers and quantitative data. So, I found a job as a research associate for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore, and at the time, I’d had no idea what “capital campaigns” even were, or that philanthropy was a career path at all – I just wanted to do research. It turned out the research was around prospects and prospect development. Eventually, I worked my way up the ranks, and I became responsible for the data management and campaign reporting of a $150-million-dollar capital campaign. That was where I really developed my fundraising analytics skills, building dashboards and predictive models. Not long after, I decided I wanted to go home, back to New Jersey, and while I was looking for consulting firms there, I got connected to Chad through two of my former colleagues that were current clients of his.
  • Why did you decide to join Gobel Group?
    Word-of-mouth was a big one for me. I’d heard a lot of really good reviews, from people I trusted, about Chad and the Gobel Group’s program. One of my former mentors referred him to me, and I valued her opinion. Then, when I met him during my in-person interview, I realized that he wasn’t the type to maintain the status quo – he was always looking for the next way to make improvements, and I just found his vision to be incredibly exciting.Also, I know a lot of other firms don’t tend to care much about employee burnout – you know, they recruit as many new employees as possible, but don’t put the effort in to maintain that relationship, and their employees end up leaving. But Chad genuinely cares about the company, and the staff, and it really showed.
  • How would you describe your consulting expertise?
    I think one of my strengths is partnering with someone to brainstorm ways to address a problem. I love being able to come in as a consultant with an objective in mind, and meeting the client’s unique challenges without the distraction of any company politics. I enjoy answering the big questions: “What is the problem here?” and “How is it similar to other issues I’ve encountered?” and “How can I adapt solutions that have already worked so that they can be just as effective for this client?” In consulting, there are always new challenges to overcome, and opportunities for growth, and I think my strengths lie in meeting both head-on.
  • What excites you about working with Gobel Group’s clients?
    I specifically work with G2G clients in the Futurus Group division, and I’ve been excited about that technology from the very beginning. I’m thrilled that I get to sit down with people and discuss G2G. It’s just so different from anything they’re used to, and most people’s eyes really do reflect their excitement about the product, once they realize how it’s going to change things. The fact that I get to discuss this unique approach to finding donors, using machine learning, and the added fact that our clients are genuinely interested in it and want to be involved in something so cutting-edge, is just phenomenal. G2G isn’t cookie-cutter – we’re constantly adapting and tweaking it, so it can have a new, bigger impact on every client. And I just love how open our clients are about that experience and the technology itself.
  • You were recently promoted to Director of Data Analytics at Futurus Group, an affiliate of Gobel Enterprises. What excites you most about this position?
    From the moment that I met Chad, I knew he was looking at the future, at how we can change things and make a positive impact – it was very evident from day one that this wasn’t “just another consulting firm.” And Futurus is certainly reflective of that philosophy. When Chad first talked to me about G2G, and said that I would be responsible for it, I wasn’t quite able to wrap my head around it – it was such a groundbreaking idea. But in just over a year, it’s grown into what it is today, a fully-functioning technology that truly is revolutionizing our industry, and I couldn’t be more excited to be involved. This is the most disruptive technology in the industry since the internet – it really is. And knowing that G2G isn’t static, and that this is just the start of Futurus Group, is very exhilarating.
  • What do you find most rewarding about your work?
    Working with such groundbreaking technology on a daily basis, for one. My coworkers are another big part. To be honest, Chad and Randall have done an incredible job of hiring the right people, rather than just recruiting bodies to fill a role. Everyone is always on the same page, and everyone gets along. Every time we bring on someone new, they just fit perfectly. Knowing that I’m working with (and for) people I truly respect is incredible. Chad is really invested in his employees, he values them, and he’s constantly trying to do as much as he can to foster our growth. It’s great that we’re growing and getting better without losing Gobel’s ingrained culture of gratitude and camaraderie
  • What are a few personal details you could share?
    I’m getting married next year – my fiancée and I recently moved from New York City to the country just outside of the city. I’m very outdoorsy, and I enjoy hiking and kayaking. And I love to travel – another great thing about consulting is that I’m afforded the opportunity to see new places when I go to meet with clients.