30 Tips to Engaging Gift Officers in Data Entry

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Does the word “database” alone make your gift officers turn the other direction? Are you constantly chasing them down to get their data entry in? Or maybe you just want to pick up some tips to strengthen the relationship?
Kelly Regan from Susquehanna Health Foundation (SHF) joined Jenny Kleintop from Gobel Group on December 11, 2019 to provide 30 tips when working with and supporting gift officers on the database/infrastructure side. Kelly, with her background in work force education, has done a tremendous job at SHF with getting fundraisers to be on top of their data entry. And Jenny, having been the leader of the Philanthropy Services division of Gobel Group since 2016, has been successful with helping and guiding philanthropy offices to strengthen the partnership between frontline and operations staff.


They provided tangible examples, through the lens of the database side of the shop, of how to partner with and help gift officers when rolling out a grateful patient program with clinician engagement.