Creatively Engaging a Nursing Staff Leads to Increased Referrals to the Development Office

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How do you expand a Grateful Patient and Family Program to also engage nurses? Are the results worth the effort of the development or foundation office to do so?

This free webinar, recorded on November 19, 2019, details how to creatively engage a nursing staff and how that can increase referrals to a development office.
Utilizing Gobel Group’s accredited Nurses’ Role in Philanthropy training program, Beebe Healthcare Medical Foundation began training their nursing staff. They have seen this training result in more engaged nurses and more referrals to the development office.


Helen Poole, RN, BSN, MPH, was most recently the Executive Director of Grateful Patient Programs at Duke Medicine and is a trained clinical nurse. Now a Principal Consultant at Gobel Group, she was joined by David Szumski, a major gift officer at Beebe Medical Foundation. David shared several unique and creative ways he has successfully implemented Gobel’s Nurse Training Program. His persistent and dedicated recognition of nurses has benefited the Foundation not only with increased referral numbers but also with an increased number of engaged nurses.