ON DEMAND: Creative Ways to Communicate with Donors with Limited Face-to-face Interactions (:25)

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Communication always matters. In the light of COVID-19 there is confusion, fear and worry among your donors and the community. For some not-for-profit organizations there has never been a better time in which to make a case for philanthropy. How we do it, when and for what will be incredibly important as we maintain our relationships and credibility with our donors. The goal of communication during this time will be to alleviate fears, offer information as healthcare experts and build trust. Now is the time to step up your cultivation and stewardship efforts in order to build and maintain your donor relationships and position yourself for when it is most appropriate to make, or build upon, your case for support.

Join Denise Pope and Scott Rosenkrans to learn key strategies for Creative Ways to Communicate with Donors with Limited Face-to-face Interactions.

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