The Journey From “No” to “Yes” – Helping Physicians Overcome Challenges and Become Engaged Champions for Your Foundation

Gobel Group

Have your gift officers tried to engage with clinicians and been rejected? Have you personally experienced the rejection coming from a physician who does not want to be involved in philanthropic efforts?

During this free webinar, we described what Clinician Engagement IS and, maybe more importantly, what it is NOT. We were joined by our friends from Banner Health including a physician who had deep apprehensions regarding the partnership with the Foundation, the role of a physician, and what it means to her patients. In the end, this world class physician is one of the best and most supportive clinicians with the Foundation and Grateful Patient work. You will also hear from the major gift officer who overcame the physician’s concerns and worked, with that physician, to secure a $5M gift from a grateful patient almost immediately.

This impactful and true account will provide practical applications for your organization to overcome barriers to clinician engagement and work hand-in-hand with your physicians/nurses to nurture and grow a successful grateful patient program.

Watch this free webinar recorded on September 19, 2019 and facilitated by Randall Hallett, President of Gobel Group. He was joined by Dr. Robin Blackstone and Christy Atler, VP of Development, both from Banner Health.