The Impact of GRACE

Gobel Group

Have you heard about GRACE – Gobel’s new program teaching GRAtitude, Compassion, and Empathy to clinicians and healthcare professionals? This groundbreaking program is now being used to train clinical and administrative staff to exhibit greater compassion and empathy which in turn strengthens patient interaction leading to increased job satisfaction, higher employee engagement scores, and higher HCAHP scores.
Watch this free webinar, recorded on November 28, 2018, to learn how GRACE has been implemented in three clinical units at Tucson Medical Center. Julie Wolfe-Beadle, Director of Major Gifts at the Tucson Medical Center Foundation, led this webinar, and she was accompanied by Shannon Tower, Principal Consultant at Gobel Group.

Here is a taste of what you will hear from Julie as she shared testimonials from her team on the impact that GRACE is having:

  • I find that I am being in the moment more. Being in the present moment.
  • Now (after GRACE) I feel like I need to give my patient the time…I think of how to present myself, what to say to them that won’t dismiss them; the patient was talking to me, the patient wasn’t talking to the system. It’s important to say the right thing exactly in the moment.
  • What I got out of the GRACE training, is to care for myself… I wasn’t really paying attention to myself. Since the GRACE training I am trying to take time to actually take a break for myself in my work day and in my personal life. It’s helping me tune in with my patients’ emotions more. If you see someone as a human you’re actually able to be more human.
  • This training lets me know I don’t need to spend more time I just need to spend the RIGHT time.


The GRACE program was created on evidence-based research to help clinical and administrative staff strengthen patient interaction, build greater compassion and empathy, and recognize how patients and families express gratitude. The program has been developed between Gobel Group and world-leading academicians David Victorson, Ph.D. and Robert Emmons, Ph.D.
Dr. Victorson is a licensed psychologist and Associate Professor of Medical Social Sciences in the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University where he directs the Consciousness in Health Research Lab. He is also the Director of Integrative Oncology at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Survivorship Institute.
Dr. Emmons is the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude. For nearly two decades, Dr. Emmons has been studying the effects of gratitude on physical health, psychological well-being, and on our relationships with others.