one of the biggest challenges in healthcare is educating and engaging clinicians to be active partners in the philanthropic process

What We Do

We help you increase your financial results by building an expanded grateful patient philanthropy program focused on clinician engagement.

We show clinicians how to partner with you to identify patients that are grateful, to introduce those patients to development officers, and to become involved in the philanthropic process in a comfortable way.

Database and Philanthropy Services


Grateful Patient Programs


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Database and Philanthropy Services

Everything we do at Gobel Group is built on metrics and accountability.

We understand the importance of capturing, tracking, and reporting on all day to day activities in a healthcare philanthropy operation.

We can help build and maintain exceptional information systems and services for your team, a fundamental element in helping to achieve the overall goals of any successful organization.

We can:

  • Assess your current state and recommend changes within each program area
  • Streamline processes and procedures in relation to information systems
  • Provide training and support on information systems for the entire team
  • Assist with automation tools and gift management
  • Proactively seek ways to provide data in a manner that will enhance program analyses with interactive dashboards and reports
  • Develop performance metrics

Grateful Patient and Family Program

We change how clinicians think about philanthropy — and the way they partner with you.

Engaging clinicians to be active partners in the philanthropic process is a significant challenge. Often clinicians get so entwined with caring for their patients that philanthropic opportunities become pushed to the back of their minds. We are here to help engage clinicians and creatively educate them on ways to recognize and utilize the power of philanthropy. With list of 550 clients and growing, Gobel Group understands what it takes to solve this challenge and build the industry’s most comprehensive Grateful Patient and Family Philanthropy Program.

With our proven methods, data modeling, and collaboration, you will harness the power of patient gratitude and engage clinicians to grow your active referrals, productivity and gifts.

Grateful Patient and Family Philanthropy Program with Clinician Engagement

Provide compassion, empathy, and gratitude training to meaningfully engage your clinicians and hospital staff.

Grow and segment your patient pipeline by leveraging clinician referrals, data modeling, and new technologies.

Grow your gift officer productivity by increasing the number of visits, asks, and gifts closed.

Partner with you to measure every facet of your program and make necessary improvements to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Increase Results in:

1. Philanthropy Revenue
2. Patient Satisfaction
3. Employee Engagment

About the Program

Our core engagement unfolds in 5 key stages to guarantee your success.

STAGE 1: Assessment

Assess your current program to identify areas that should be strengthened to build a best-in-class grateful patient and family philanthropy program with active clinician engagement

Identify roadblocks to your future grateful patient and family philanthropy program through analysis of perceptions, attitudes, and concerns from administration, clinicians and board members

STAGE 2: Strategy

Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for growth

Recommend strategies, timing and the resources needed for an enhanced program

Create buy-in with your institutional and board leadership

Identify prospective physician and nurse champions, and align their funding interests with organizational priorities

STAGE 3: Program Set Up

Map infrastructure and operational processes necessary for program success

Develop key performance indicators and a KPI dashboard, code your database, track and share program results and provide analysis for continual optimization

STAGE 4: Training

Identify, recruit, train and engage a strategic number of clinician champions

Educate and engage Administrators, Boards, and Volunteers

STAGE 5: Implementation

Implement a productivity system with coaching and mentoring for each gift officer to understand their portfolio and opportunities for growth

Meet individually with each physician champion to operationalize their involvement in philanthropy

Train gift officers on using the fundraising management system in line with a moves management structure to drive movement of prospects through the engagement cycle

Support operations staff to ensure tools and techniques are in place to aid gift officers with managing prospects and ensuring all tracking and data is maintained in the system

Monitor dashboard results regularly, identifying areas of optimization to drive better results

Physician and Nurses Roles in Philanthropy

Gobel Group offers interactive trainings outside of core engagements. The educational sessions provide physicians and nurses the skills to partner with the development office and help foster a philanthropic culture.

In this session, your clinicians will:

  • Understand the importance of philanthropy in a time of decreasing reimbursements from payors and increasing costs in the health care industry
  • Understand the relationship between gratitude, giving and healing
  • Identify patients who are grateful, and introduce them to the philanthropy office
  • Recognize the benefits of meaningful recognition and expressions of gratitude for healthcare institutions

Learn More: The Nurse’s Role in Philanthropy — Our Accredited Program

Gobel Group’s accredited session on Nurses Role in Philanthropy has been taught to more than 500 nurses, nurse managers, and chief nursing officers.

Together with Gobel Group, these institutions are helping nurses to build a culture of philanthropy and gratitude. As one client expressed, “I became more aware of the opportunity for giving and how to promote giving.” Nurses who complete the program earn 1.0 contact hours of continuing education credit. The Nurse’s Role in Philanthropy educational program is approved by the North Carolina Nurses Association, an accredited approver of the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Educating Nurses on their Role in Philanthropy


GRACE: GRAtitude, Compassion, Empathy

Our groundbreaking program GRACE teaches GRAtitude, Compassion, and Empathy to healthcare professionals. It was created on evidence-based research to help clinical and administrative staff strengthen patient interaction, build greater compassion and empathy, and recognize how patients and families express gratitude. The program has been developed between Gobel Group and world-leading academicians David Victorson, Ph.D. and Robert Emmons, Ph.D. Dr. Victorson is a licensed psychologist and Associate Professor of Medical Social Sciences in the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University where he directs the Consciousness in Health Research Lab. He is also the Director of Integrative Oncology at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Survivorship Institute. Dr. Emmons is the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude. For nearly two decades, Dr. Emmons has been studying the effects of gratitude on physical health, psychological well-being, and on our relationships with others.

  • Clinicians trained by the GRACE curriculum learn how to be more compassionate and empathetic enabling them to deliver more compassionate care.
  • This compassionate care causes patients to feel more gratitude and be more motivated to express that gratitude.
  • Clinicians practicing more gratitude themselves will see it more clearly in others.
  • Clinicians accept gratitude more readily from their patients leading to increased job satisfaction and higher employee engagement scores.
  • Clinicians give patients a higher level of care and HCAHPS scores go up.
  • As a result, there is greater partnership with the office of philanthropy: more referrals, more introductions, more participation in philanthropic activities.
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Campaign Management

Campaigns are a powerful and strategic tool to bolster institutional needs and opportunities, and to galvanize donor commitment within a specific timeframe.

Well-planned and implemented campaigns will elevate your baseline of fundraising performance. Gobel Group has led billion-dollar medical center campaigns and can guide you to success in your next campaign.

Gobel’s Campaign Management support services can include:

  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Reviewing all current and historical data and project campaign goals
  • Building a table of gifts and prospects
  • Development of a campaign organizational infrastructure and campaign budget
  • Preparation of policies and guidelines
  • Guidance on volunteer structures
  • Ongoing training for all volunteers, administrators, clinicians and development team

We are here to support you. Gobel Group will provide ongoing counsel and support to drive your program to success.

Training Programs

Gobel Group provides customized training sessions for physicians, nurses, administrators, C-Suites, boards, and gift officers.

These customizable trainings can occur in a one-day time period or over a few days, determined by our client’s needs. Attendees will spend a day(s) with an experienced Gobel Group Principal Consultant learning our best practice approaches to their daily challenges and will leave the training workshop with individually customized metrics for success. Our training sessions will influence how patient and family gratitude is responded to and ensure that everyone is involved in the philanthropic process in a meaningful manner.

Customized Training Sessions

Concierge Programs

At Gobel Group, we understand the close connection between care experiences and high-level giving. Investing in a patient services program for high-level donors is key to creating a culture of gratitude that inspires giving.

We also understand the sensitivities around providing special patient services. Our consultants have first-hand experience with international philanthropy and concierge services, and we know what it takes to implement a best in class Concierge Program.

Gobel’s clinical and philanthropy consultants can help design and implement an effective Concierge Services program by:

  • Identifying the appropriate groups to receive patient facilitated services
  • Determining the best package of services to provide these individuals
  • Creating a budget and staffing plan for the program
  • Writing job descriptions with necessary qualifications
  • Drafting space requirements and design, along with capital budgeting, and marketing – both internal and external
  • Recommending methodologies for stewardship and cultivation

Gobel Group will provide ongoing counsel and support to drive your program to success.

Data and Analytics

Many of our clients are blessed with hundreds or thousands of new patients coming through their doors every month, and these patients represent prospective new donors. Wealth screening tools have allowed us to identify those with indicators of wealth, but how might our work change if we could add a gratitude screening tool to the equation? In the past, this type of “gratitude score” has been difficult to compute because of restrictions on patient data. However, with changes to HIPAA (in the US) and with health systems more actively surveying patients on their satisfaction, the possibility of combining wealth and gratitude scores to find the best prospects is now becoming a reality.

Our Gratitude to Give, or G2G℠ tool utilizes patient satisfaction scores and other patient data, along with donor and wealth data, to predict and segment patient pipelines to identify the best major, annual, and planned gift prospects. This powerful data can be leveraged to identify the best clinician partners in philanthropy. Using our powerful data analytics, we will identify the persona of your grateful patient donor, and then build a customized G2G℠ predictive model to identify your best prospects with both high wealth and high gratitude.

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