one of the biggest challenges in healthcare is educating and engaging clinicians to be active partners in the philanthropic process

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What We Do

We help you increase your financial results by building an expanded grateful patient philanthropy program focused on clinician engagement.

We show clinicians how to partner with you to identify patients that are grateful, to introduce those patients to development officers, and to become involved in the philanthropic process in a comfortable way.

Database and Philanthropy Services


Grateful Patient Programs


Campaign Management


Training Programs


Data and Analytics


Concierge Programs


Database and Philanthropy Services

Everything we do at Gobel Group is built on metrics and accountability.

We understand the importance of capturing, tracking, and reporting on all day to day activities in a healthcare philanthropy operation.

We can help build and maintain exceptional information systems and services for your team, a fundamental element in helping to achieve the overall goals of any successful organization.

We can:

  • Assess your current state and recommend changes within each program area
  • Streamline processes and procedures in relation to information systems
  • Provide training and support on information systems for the entire team
  • Assist with automation tools and gift management
  • Proactively seek ways to provide data in a manner that will enhance program analyses with interactive dashboards and reports
  • Develop performance metrics

Grateful Patient Program

We change how clinicians think about philanthropy, and the way they partner with you.

Engaging clinicians to be active partners in the philanthropic process is a significant challenge. With an ever-growing list of 300+ clients, Gobel Group understands what it takes to solve this challenge and build the industry’s most comprehensive Grateful Patient and Family Philanthropy Program.

With our proven methods, data modeling, and collaboration, you will harness the power of patient gratitude and engage clinicians to grow your active referrals, productivity and gifts.

Grateful Patient and Family Philanthropy Program with Clinician Engagement

Provide compassion, empathy, and gratitude training to meaningfully engage your clinicians and hospital staff.

Grow and segment your patients pipeline by levering clinician referrals, data modeling, and new technologies.

Grow your gift officer productivity by increasing the number of visits, asks, and gift closes.

Partner with you to measure every facet of your program and make necessary improvements to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Increase Results in:

1. Philanthropy Revenue
2. Patient Satisfaction
3. Employee Engagment

About The Program

Our core engagement unfolds in 5 key stages to guarantee your success.

Clinician Engagement in Philanthropy Training

Our educational sessions provide clinicians, the skills to partner with the philanthropy office and help foster a culture of gratitude.

In this session, your clinicians will:

  • Understand of the importance of philanthropy in a time of decreasing reimbursements from payors and increasing costs in the health care industry
  • Understand the relationship between gratitude, giving and healing
  • Learn to identify patients and families who are grateful, and introduce them to the philanthropy office
  • Copy of Recognize the benefits of meaningful recognition and expressions of gratitude for healthcare institutions

Nurses who complete Gobel’s training program can earn 1.0 contact hours of continuing education credit from the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Download our Book: How to Become a Top Producer in Healthcare Philanthropy


Campaign Management

Campaigns are a powerful and strategic tool to bolster institutional needs and opportunities, and to galvanize donor commitment within a specific timeframe.

Well-planned and implemented campaigns will elevate your baseline of fundraising performance. Gobel Group has led billion-dollar medical center campaigns and can guide you to success in your next campaign.

Gobel’s Campaign Management support services can include:

  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Reviewing all current and historical data and project campaign goals
  • Building a table of gifts and prospects
  • Development of a campaign organizational infrastructure and campaign budget
  • Preparation of policies and guidelines
  • Guidance on volunteer structures
  • Ongoing training for all volunteers, administrators, clinicians and development team

Gobel Group will provide ongoing counsel and support to drive your program to success.

Training Programs

Do you have what it takes to be one of the Top Producing Major Gift Officers in the country?

Gobel Group’s full day Major Gift Officer training programs, or “Boot Camps” provide gift officers with effective fundraising strategies to help right-size portfolios and strengthen prospect pipelines.

Most importantly, we’ll teach gift officers how to effectively engage physicians and nurses as partners that actively identify and refer grateful patients and families to the philanthropy office.

Gift officers will:

  • Use their individual Key Metrics to determine activity goals for success
  • Learn how to execute effective qualification visits using scripts we provide
  • Use proven strategies to build prospect pipelines by:
  • Identifying the number of grateful patient visits needed annually, and
  • Identifying the number of physician champions to meet with annually to reach their goals
  • Learn strategies for building effective partnerships with clinicians by creating meaningful relationships
  • Master steps to identify and qualify the best prospective donors
  • Master best practice strategies for cultivation and stewardship
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Attendees have said…

“Best Major Gifts training I have had!”

“This was undeniably the best major gift training I’ve attended in the last six years. Theory and practice of identifying, cultivating, and closing major gifts; both were covered compactly with an industry-pioneering use of quantitative measures to “right size” portfolios and set up practitioners for success.”

“I wish I would have had this training when I was starting out. Included thought-provoking and refreshing session on Engaging Physicians in the philanthropic effort.”

Concierge Programs

At Gobel Group, we understand that the close connection between high-level giving and care experiences makes a strong argument for investing in a patient services program for donors.

Gobel also understands the sensitivities around providing special patient services. Our consultants have first-hand experience with international philanthropy and concierge services, and we know what it takes to implement a best in class Concierge Program.

Gobel’s clinical and philanthropy consultants can help design and implement an effective Concierge Services program by:

  • Identifying the appropriate groups to receive patient facilitated services
  • Determining the best package of services to provide these individuals
  • Creating a budget and staffing plan for the program
  • Writing job descriptions with necessary qualifications
  • Drafting space requirements and design, along with capital budgeting, and marketing – both internal and external, and
  • Recommending methodologies for stewardship and cultivation.

Gobel Group will provide ongoing counsel and support to drive your program to success.

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