OAHP Conference: April 5, 2019 at Ohio State University

Gobel Groupblog

The Ohio Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (OAHP) will be hosting its spring conference this year on April 5th at the Fawcett Center at Ohio State University. The event, sponsored in part by Gobel Group, will be centered around the Future of Healthcare Philanthropy.

Chad Gobel, CEO of Gobel Group will be a key speaker at the conference, and he will be presenting on the following topics:

  • Gratitude Over Wealth: In this presentation, Chad will explore the connection between gratitude and giving, and the ways in which philanthropy can evolve when health systems put gratitude first.
  • Leading with Philanthropy to Increase Patient Satisfaction & Employee Engagement: In this presentation, Chad will discuss evidence-based research that can help clinical and administrative staff strengthen their relationship with patients.

Helen Poole, a Principal Consultant at Gobel Group, will also be speaking at the event. Helen RN, BSN, MPH, has over 30 years of healthcare management experience in both the clinical setting and in philanthropy. Her presentation, Engaging Nurses in Healthcare Philanthropy, will include important methods by which nurses can act as liaisons between grateful patients and the philanthropy office. She will also offer key lessons that she has learned in hospice fundraising, and how they can be applied to an organization’s fundraising efforts.

The Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) provides quality education, networking, and other resources to enhance skills and results for members of the association and its partners. Read more about the upcoming OAHP Conference here.