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Data and Analytics

Using machine learning technologies, Gratitude to Give (G2G) is the most technologically advanced predictive model to find and segment prospects and donors based on their experiences rather than their wealth.

Gain access to your best prospects in just a few clicks

Many of our clients are blessed with hundreds or thousands of new patients coming through their doors every month, and these patients represent prospective new donors.

Wealth screening tools have allowed us to identify those with indicators of wealth, but how might our work change if we could add a gratitude screening tool to the equation?

In the past, this type of “gratitude score” has been difficult to compute because of restrictions on patient data. However, with changes to HIPAA (in the US) and with health systems more actively surveying patients on their satisfaction, the possibility of combining wealth and gratitude scores to find the best prospects is now becoming a reality.

Our Gratitude to Give, or G2G© tool utilizes patient satisfaction scores and other patient data, along with donor and wealth data, to predict and segment patient pipelines to identify the best major, annual, and planned gift prospects.

This powerful data can be leveraged to identify the best clinician partners in philanthropy.

Using our powerful data analytics, we will identify the persona of your grateful patient donor, and then build a customized G2G© predictive model to identify your best prospects with both high wealth and high gratitude.

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Data Management

We can help build a data strategy that supports your philanthropic goals. We can work with your health system to identify and maximize the data available to you. We can identify what third-party data can be added to your data strategy. We can build your data warehouse to hold all your data. We can partner with your IT office to transfer and populate your warehouse. We can maintain your warehouse in a secure environment.

Data Analytics

We can deploy our cutting-edge technologies using artificial intelligence and machine learning, leveraging our data analysts, scientists, and engineers to produce daily wealth and gratitude screenings and scores. Our data analytic solutions are 400 percent more effective than traditional wealth screening solutions.

Data Visualization

We can display your data in dynamic and visually compelling dashboards and reports. We will give you the tools to create the transparency of all activity occurring in your philanthropy program and giving you the accountability to measure results.

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