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Melanie Hill

GOBEL Enriches Its Client Relationship Capabilities

Manager of Programs is Recent Staff Addition

GOBEL, the world’s top health care philanthropy consulting and technology company, today announced the recent appointment of Melanie Hill as Manager of Programs.

Mrs. Hill’s role is to partner with GOBEL consultants and team members to implement client deliverables. She serves as a liaison between the consultants and clients, empowered to make decisions for her team and facilitate projects from conception to completion.

“It is so important to us, offering complex, sophisticated services, to have executive staff that can serve as a bridge between GOBEL and the client,” said Chad Gobel, founder and CEO of GOBEL. “Melanie can speak our language and interface with clients seamlessly.  She has a distinguished history of customer service and efficient data management…vital skills in our line of work.  She adds a terrific dimension to our team.”

Before joining Gobel Group, Mrs. Hill was an IP Annuity Service Client Representative at Computer Packages Inc.  She was responsible for an impressive 350-client portfolio, working closely with clients to provide excellent customer service, ensure patient integrity, and educate on intellectual property law.  Ms. Hill received her Bachelor of Science in Communications from Wingate University.

“I know the value of communication, of making clients feel comfortable with a particular service, and finding solutions for obstacles that may arise,” said Mrs. Hill.  “I feel fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to demonstrate these characteristics for GOBEL.”

Mrs. Hill is now a member of the largest team of consultants working in healthcare philanthropy. With 65 seasoned professionals and growing, GOBEL’s team is respected in the industry and has come from the top medical centers in the nation. GOBEL’s consultants collectively have more than 500 years of experience, have led programs that have raised hundreds of millions annually, and directed billion-dollar campaigns. Leading the healthcare philanthropy market, the company now features 300 active clients, 1,000 prior engagements, 65 full-time employees, a completed equity investment round and an expansive portfolio of consulting and technology solutions for healthcare organizations.

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