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healthcare philanthropy

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, JULY 6, 2022 – GOBEL, the world’s leading firm in consulting and technology for healthcare philanthropy, is excited to announce the launch of its subsidiary, GOBEL International, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Industry veteran Christopher Clinton Conway will be charged with leading the expansion.

GOBEL opened its doors just 11 years ago with one client, one employee and a focus on grateful patient philanthropy. Fast forward to 2022 – GOBEL has now become the healthcare philanthropy industry leader with 300 active clients, 1,000 prior engagements, 65 full-time employees, a completed equity investment round, a recent acquisition of another philanthropy company, a patented technology, an expansive portfolio of consulting and technology solutions for healthcare organizations – and now the launch of GOBEL International and expansion into Europe with expectations to continue its growth through the Middle East and Asia.

Chad Gobel, founder and CEO of GOBEL explains, “It’s been an incredible run for GOBEL over the last decade. Our expansion into Europe is the next step in our journey to bring our products and solutions to the world. We could not have found a better leader than Christopher to take GOBEL worldwide.”

healthcare philanthropy

Conway will play an integral role as president of GOBEL worldwide. Backed by an impressive resume in international philanthropy, he has held positions including founder of Philanthropic Counsel LLC, CEO of Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, Chief of Development and Public Affairs at Doheny Eye Institute, just to name a few.

“I’ve been connected to GOBEL for a long time, from a client during my time at Doheny Eye Institute, from our days at the Association of Healthcare and Philanthropy (AHP), Madison Institute, to partnering between our consulting firms. Chad and I have been friends for a long-time and I’ve admired his vision and leadership,” said Conway.

Conway received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois, his Juris Doctor from Washington University in St. Louis, and certificates in Nonprofit Management from Northwestern University School of Management and Healthcare Philanthropy from AHP’s Madison Institute. Gobel added,” He is smart, passionate, connected and a brilliant philanthropy strategist. I couldn’t be more excited about our future and his leadership.”

“I am honored to lead GOBEL International as its president. We are answering the call from hospitals, hospices, medical research institutes and global health charities to provide local, on-the-ground leadership, resources, expertise, and operations. The world is ready for our people and services,” exclaims Conway.