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GOBEL Inks First International Engagement in Ireland

Philanthropic Consulting Firm Will Provide Fundraising Counsel for Northern Ireland Hospice

OCTOBER 13, 2022 – GOBEL, the world’s leading firm in consulting and technology for healthcare philanthropy, is proud to announce its first international fundraising engagement with Northern Ireland Hospice.

The Hospice, which provides world-class palliative care to adults and children and operates Northern Ireland’s only children’s hospice center, is seeking to build upon its philanthropic foundation by enhancing its connection to prospective donors as well as identifying major gift donors in its surrounding communities.

“We are thrilled to welcome Northern Ireland Hospice to our family of clients,” said Chad Gobel, founder and CEO of GOBEL. “This engagement marks our first foray into the global market for GOBEL International, and we are proud to partner with the organization to build upon its already strong philanthropic program.”

Since its launch in 1983, Northern Ireland Hospice has grown to be one of Northern Ireland’s leading charities, providing specialist palliative care to 4,000 patients every year.  The organization has remained diligent through the years in providing high-quality, person-centered, holistic palliative care within the Northern Ireland community. Northern Ireland Hospice supports and cares for infants, children and adults who are adjusting to living with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, up to their death and into family bereavement support.

“Our passion and mission is to provide comfort and quality of life for our patients, whilst supporting their families and relieving fear and suffering associated with loss,” said Heather Weir MSc BSc RN, Chief Executive for Northern Ireland Hospice. “Our work is based on the values of the preciousness of life, respect, compassion and medical ability.  We are delighted to work with GOBEL, and hope to enhance our philanthropic profile so that everyone has the opportunity to support the outstanding work we do in the service of people and families struggling with the issues that require hospice care.”

GOBEL opened its doors 11 years ago with one client, one employee and a focus on grateful patient philanthropy. Fast forward to 2022, and GOBEL has now become the healthcare philanthropy industry leader with 300 active clients, 1,000 prior engagements, 65 full-time employees, a completed equity investment round, a recent acquisition of another philanthropy company, a patented technology — an expansive portfolio of consulting and technology solutions for healthcare organizations.

Earlier this year, GOBEL announced the launch of GOBEL International and expansion into Europe with expectations to continue its growth through the Middle East and Asia.  Industry veteran Christopher Clinton Conway was appointed President of GOBEL International and is the face of the company’s expansion in the global market.

“Our goal is to provide local, on-the-ground leadership, resources, expertise, and operations to our worldwide clients, mirroring our success in the States,” said Conway. “We know from our vast experience in this area that hospice and palliative care fundraising has historically been driven by one-time and memorial gifts.  Organizations understandably want to remain sensitive to a fragile, grieving audience of donors.  We’ll partner with Heather and her team to maximize the giving that grateful families often want to continue while still demonstrating the compassion that is part of their mission. We are delighted to work with them.”

GOBEL is the world’s leading consulting and technology firm in healthcare philanthropy. They offer clients the most comprehensive solution for building a robust philanthropy program, using data and analytics to advise clients in grateful patient programs, major gifts training, clinician engagement, fundraising strategy, campaign planning and more. GOBEL also provides clients with primary and secondary research, along with peer analysis and benchmarking. Its team of 65 seasoned healthcare development professionals and clinicians comes from the top medical centers in the nation. They bring more than 750 years of collective healthcare philanthropy experience to their client engagements and have worked with over 1,000 hospitals and health systems in their history.

For more information, contact Glenn Vallach, Director of Public Relations at Gobel, at