Clinician Partners in Philanthropy.

Do your physicians identify grateful patients and introduce them to you? Do your physicians partner with you to cultivate and steward your prospects? If not, we can help. We have been leading the industry for ten years in helping gift officers identify their best physician partners, educating physicians on the healing power of philanthropy and teaching physicians how to meaningfully be a part of your philanthropic program. Get more visits, make more asks, close more gifts and raise more money with our Clinician Partners in Philanthropy Program.

For $500 per month, our consultant will work with you to identify your best potential physician partners, and then partner with you to educate and engage your clinician partner to become your philanthropy champion. More specifically, our consultant will work with you and your clinician partner to:

Educate the physician on the importance and healing power of philanthropy and the role philanthropy plays in a patient’s clinical journey.
Remove any barriers that are preventing your physician from feeling comfortable with the philanthropic process.
Work with the physician to create the most effective and comfortable method for them to identify grateful patients, introduce those grateful patients to you, and to be involved in the philanthropic process that is meaningful to the patient and family.
Ensure that grateful patient and family referrals are actively occurring, and if not, determine why and ways to increase referral activity.
Provide guidance on funding priorities and discuss grateful patient stories.

Our goal, working together with you, is to generate two to four grateful patient referrals per month per physician champion.

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Your consultant will provide up to 1 hour per month of video consultation with you and your clinician partner. Time will be dedicated to working directly with you, and with you and your physician partner together. As needed, we will share our industry leading documents and grateful patient templates, along with reviewing your documents.

Questions? Contact: Lauren Kline, / 585-598-1171