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As the end of the year approaches, we often use this time to reflect on our blessings.

happy elderly woman hugging caregiver on bed

Most of us can quickly produce a list of things we appreciate in our lives. Expressing gratitude can come in many forms, such as sending a thank-you note or giving a gift. Both parties feel the impact: the thankful one feels satisfaction in the giving and the recipient feels valued and acknowledged. Expressing gratitude brings us happiness and better health.

At Gobel Group, we have been on a journey for 10 years to elevate gratitude as the most important factor to inspiring more generosity. We at Gobel Group have so much to be thankful for: to our 250 clients who propelled our growth to new levels and trusted us to help maximize their impact, to our employees, now at 50 and growing, who work incredibly hard every day to support our mission and clients, to our investors whose confidence and support allowed us to continue our history of innovation, and of course, to the organizations and frontline caregivers whose care and compassion are saving lives and improving the health of millions every day.

Let’s all take a few minutes to reflect on 2021. Is there someone or something you – or your company or organization – would like to thank? How can you express gratitude this season? How can you inspire generosity?

As great as 2021 was for us, we can’t wait for 2022. If you want to learn how gratitude can inspire even more generosity at your organization, we can help. With over 10 years of experience working with tens of thousands of healthcare and philanthropy professionals, we have the expertise and insight to help take your program to the next level.